Health & Welfare





The benefits office will accept claims by email or fax for dental, optical and hearing aids. Please keep your original receipts in case we ask to see them.  All claims can be sent to to or fax to (604) 571-6544.

The following information is required for reimbursement of your expenses:


Please send or ask the dental office to send PDF, JPEG or fax copies of:

  1. original paid receipt and,
  2. standard dental claim form

to or fax to (604) 571-6544. Please hold on to the original receipts in case we ask to see them. As an alternate we have direct reimbursement available for dental offices. To take advantage of direct reimbursement the dental office should contact the benefits office to get enrolled.


Please send or ask the optical / hearing aids vendor to send PDF, JPEG or fax copies of:

  1. itemized original paid receipt
  2. official prescription (optical only) – prescriptions must be recent (within 24 months of purchase)

to or fax to (604) 571-6544. Please hold on to the original receipts in case we ask to see them.

Online supplies are not accepted except Clearly Contacts and Firmoo Optical. Additionally, “Your Eyes Only” and “Skylight Optical” are not approved for reimbursement.


Please visit for online claims for benefits covered through Pacific Blue Cross.


The savings from the elimination of MSP premiums has allowed the Trustees to increase the subsidy for retiree plan “C” benefits. The plan “C” self-pay amount is being reduced $40 per month from $165 to $125 per month effective January 1, 2021.

 Psychologist/Clinical Counselor combined dollar maximum increases from $2,000 to $2,500 effective January 1, 2021

This report provides a summary of benefits and includes Audits of both the Welfare and Pension plans for the last fiscal year ending June 30, 2020.


 “The Trustees of the Local 213 Electrical Workers’ Welfare and Pension Plans will fully employ their individual and combined skills to:

  • Protect the assets of the Trust Funds by investing these funds in a prudent manner using quality governance and management practices.
  • Provide the best possible benefits for our members and their families in a cost effective and reliable manner.
  • Meet our pension and benefit promises to the membership in a timely, accurate and courteous manner.
  • Provide an open, accessible and responsive method of communicating with the Plans’ membership.”


 We have adapted our claims process in response to COVID-19, the office now accepts online or fax forms and documents for most claims.

Medical Services Plan (MSP) premiums were eliminated January 1, 2020, however enrolment in MSP remains mandatory for all British Columbia residents. New members can register by completing the MSP form when applying for benefits, or in the alternate choose to register for MSP with Health Insurance BC (HIBC) as an individual by registering for MSP thru the website.

Despite inflation the regular health and welfare contribution is expected to remain at $2.30 per hour thru 2021, this rate has remained at $2.30 per hour since 2016, the previous rate was $2.10 per hour for over a decade. By comparison, other BC construction Locals are at $2.50 per hour or more for their health benefits plan.

The Trustees have decided to allocate the savings from MSP to plan reserves, which will allow for some investment income to mitigate future contribution increases.  In addition, the Trustees continue to move towards increasing the subsidy for retirees to keep self pay costs low for members participating in plan “C”, the retiree self-pay plan.

The Welfare Plan membership currently consists of members working in the following areas:

Inside Construction Electrician

Marine Electrician

Motor Winders


Cable TV

The total number of members covered this year is 3,089 as of August 2020, which means there is an increase from 2019 when the total was 3,019.

In addition to members covered through employment our plan provides coverage for eligible members in the following categories: Wage indemnity, EI sick, income continuance, WCB, apprentices in school, and maternity leave.


Unemployed members and members working elsewhere can self-pay for plan coverage as long as they maintain their membership in the Union.  Members can self-pay Plan A for the first 3 years after employment through our Union and thereafter may only pay Plans B until they return to work through the Union. Members that select to self-pay must pay for continuous months without any gaps in coverage.

Members who retire early can purchase Plan A or B coverage, up to age 65 when the Provincial Pharmacare program and our retired members’ benefit package (Plan C) becomes available to them.

To be eligible to pay Plan C, members must apply between their 65th and 70th birthday and must have been on our plan 48 months of the past 60 months immediately before applying for Plan C.

Effective January 1, 2021 the self pay amounts are:

Plan “A” (active members plan) $440/month

Plan “B” (unemployed and underemployed members plan) $240/month

Plan “C” (eligible retired members plan) $125/month


 Plan A (eligible active members thru collective agreement contributions or eligible self pay)

Self pay coverage costs $440/month, and consists of:

  • Basic Medical (MSP) – Group Administration
  • Extended Health (Pacific Blue Cross)
  • Life Insurance – under age 65 ($100,000)
  • Life Insurance – 65 and older ($35,000)
  • Spousal Insurance ($5,000) – With dependent children ($10,000)
  • Member Death Benefit (formerly Bereavement Fund) ($10,000)
  • Wage Indemnity/Income Continuance – (only when working for contributing employer)
  • Dental/Hearing Aids & Optical – ($2,500 dental/hearing aids, $500 optical per family per year)
  • Children’s Orthodontics (75%)
  • Supplemental Health Account ($750 per family per year)
  • Bereavement Wage Loss ($250 per day maximum 3 days when working for contributing employer)
  • Members Assistance Program

 Plan B (self pay for eligible unemployed and underemployed members)

Self pay coverage costs $240/month and consists of:

  • Basic Medical (MSP) – Group Administration
  • Extended Health (Pacific Blue Cross)
  • Life Insurance ($100,000)
  • Spousal Insurance ($5,000) – With dependent children ($10,000)
  • Members Assistance Program

Plan C (Self pay for eligible retirees)

Self pay coverage costs $125/month and consists of:

  • Basic Medical (MSP) – Group Administration
  • Extended Health (Pacific Blue Cross) *
  • Dental/Optical & Hearing Aids (combined $1,500 per family per year)
  • Members Assistance Program
  • Life Insurance: as follows:
    • Age 65 $10,000
    • 66               9,000
    • 67               8,000
    • 68               7,000
    • 69               6,000
    • 70+           5,000

*Extended Health coverage is limited to $100,000 per member or dependent (including out of Province coverage) per lifetime.

To be eligible for Plan “C”, members must apply between their 65th and 70th birthday and must have been on our plan 48 months of the past 60 months immediately before applying for Plan “C”.

In the calendar year a member retires and coverts from plan “A” to plan “C” the plan “C” $1500 annual dental/optical/hearing aid amount is the annual amount and is not in addition to any dental/optical/hearing aid amount used while on plan “A” in the same calendar year.


Effective, January 1, 2020 the Government of BC will be eliminating MSP premiums.  The Ministry of Health and Health Insurance BC will continue to require MSP registration for BC residence after premiums have been eliminated.  Local 213 Electrical Workers’ Welfare Plan will continue to administer our group MSP account for plan members, including:

  • Member and dependent enrollment (for administration)
  • Member and dependent removal (for administration)
  • Address changes
  • Dependent post-secondary student verification


Reimbursement cheques are issued every 2nd Friday. All required forms, receipts and/or supporting documents must be in the Welfare Plan office no later than the Wednesday at 12:00 noon prior to the Friday of reimbursement.


Please be aware that the deadline for reimbursement is March 31 of the year following the year of the expense.


The Plan has a “Fine” policy in place with regard to fraudulent claims.



The annual dental/hearing aid allowance is $2,500 per family per calendar year for members on plan “A”. The annual dental/optical/hearing aid amount is $1500 for retirees on plan “C”. Plan “B” does not include dental/optical or hearing aid coverage.

We have direct reimbursement available for dental offices.  To take advantage of this service the dental office should contact the benefits office to get enrolled.  Each member is responsible for maintaining the balance of their dental benefit.  This balance will not be given to dentists.

Please be aware that our dental plan does not cover unnecessary or cosmetic dentistry, including bleaching and veneers except with the consent of the Plan Trustees.

For dental reimbursement we require an original paid receipt and a Standard Dental Claim Form, which are available from all Dentists’ offices.  If there is another plan involved in making a partial payment, confirmation of the amount paid will be required in the form of a supporting document.

Please be advised that the Plan Trustees have the ability to pro-rate coverage.  Members with less than 4 months of coverage in the calendar year will be pro-rated to 1/12 of the dental limit for each month of coverage.


The annual plan “A” optical allowance is $500 per family per calendar year. The annual plan “C” optical allowance is combined with dental and hearing aids at the combined amount of $1500 for optical/dental/hearing aids per family per year.

Members are allowed to use their annual optical benefit for corrective laser eye surgery, and eye examinations that are not covered by the BC Medical Plan.

Only prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses are reimbursed under our optical plan rules and an itemized paid receipt along with a copy of the prescription is required for reimbursement.  Receipts issued by online suppliers are not accepted with the exception of those issued by Clearly Contacts or Firmoo Optical Store.

Also, be aware that Your Eyes Only Optical and Skylight Optical are no longer approved optical suppliers for reimbursement.



The Supplemental Health Account reimburses expenses that exceed the annual maximums for Dental, Optical, and/or Hearing Aids.  This allows for an extra seven hundred and fifty dollars ($750) in total that can be applied toward these benefits for members on plan “A”.  Effective January 1, 2020 the supplemental health account form has been eliminated to streamline administration.  This benefit will now be applied automatically to any dental, optical and/or hearing aid overages up to the $750 supplemental limit.  If a member is managing their benefits and does not want the supplemental benefit to be applied automatically, the member must indicate this by written request when submitting claims that may lead to overages.


In order to qualify for the supplemental health benefit, members must have at least 4 months coverage in the calendar year.

Effective January 1, 2020 Health Practitioners can no longer be claimed under the supplemental health account benefit.



This benefit is for members’ dependent children up to their 18th birthday and is separate and apart from our regular dental plan.

The Plan reimburses 75% of treatment costs up to a limit of $7,000 for a total payable amount of $5,250.  An estimate must be submitted to Local 213 Electrical Workers’ Welfare Plan office before the work commences.  The Trustees may require a second estimate if they consider the first estimate too high.  Members using this benefit should be aware that they are required to pay for full Plan “A” coverage when they are self- paying, as our other plans do not cover orthodontics.  Please be aware that the deadline for reimbursement is March 31 of the year following the year of the expense.



Our Wage Indemnity benefit is $82 per day ($574 per week) for a maximum period of 52 weeks, including any EI sick benefit entitlement.  The changes to EI have not affected EI sick benefits except that the maximum payment is $573 per week and it now only requires 600 hours of insurable employment to qualify for EI sick benefits.  If you become disabled while on an existing EI Claim, you simply apply to EI to convert your claim from regular to sick benefits any time during the claim period and there is no waiting period.

Members must use up any EI sick benefits entitlement before coming onto our Wage Indemnity Plan.  The waiting period for a new EI claim is 1 week, if eligible the waiting period will be paid by our plan.

When a covered member has exhausted their EI sick benefits, or does not qualify, then our Plan will pay benefits as outlined above.

We reimburse up to twenty-five dollars ($25) for the cost of Doctors completing the wage indemnity claim forms.  A paid receipt should accompany the Wage Indemnity claim form.

Please note that to qualify for our Wage Indemnity benefit, members must:

  • have a current Hour Bank
  • have worked within 90 days of disability
  • provide EI claim information provided by Service Canada

Benefits are payable on the fourth day of sickness and the first day of a non-occupational accident. Benefits will not be paid prior to the first day you are seen by a doctor. A claimant must be unable to perform any occupation, and the disability requires the full-time monitoring of a doctor recognized by the college of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia.


No benefits will be paid for periods of disability arising from:

  • Occupational accidents or illness
  • Self-inflicted injuries or diseases
  • Injuries or diseases resulting from war, or participation in a riot, or arising while serving as a member of any armed forces
  • Medical conditions existing prior to commencement of coverage
  • Disability must occur within a 90-day period immediately following the last day of work with a contributing employer
  • No benefits are payable for injuries or illness as a result of an automobile incident for which ICBC or other automobile insurance applies
  • No benefits will be paid for any period for which the person has, or will, received vacation pay for an annual vacation or V.O. time (V.O. time may be collected for the three day waiting period)
  • No benefits are payable for E.I. overpayments, violations or other penalties imposed under the Employment Insurance Act


If a member is still disabled after 52 weeks of Wage Indemnity, they may be entitled to the $1,000 per month Income Continuance benefit. To apply for the Income Continuance benefit, you must have made application and be receiving the CPP disability pension, and/or satisfied the Trustees of the Plan of your continuing disability.

Income Continuance is payable up to age 65 for members with more than 10 years of membership in Local 213 IBEW. Members with less than 10 years of membership will be prorated according to their number of years in Local 213 IBEW.

Members must have been covered by our Welfare Plan for 48 of the last 60 months preceding their disability to qualify for Income Continuance.



Plan members are covered for straight time wages less the amount received by the Sheriff’s department while on jury duty under the terms of the Wiremen’s Agreement.

Members working under the terms of the Wiremen’s Agreement called for jury duty, who are not chosen, can still collect straight time wages for actual time lost upon receipt of confirmation from the Sheriff’s department.  Application forms are available from the Welfare Plan Office.

For other covered members of this plan, the jury duty payment is $150 per day based on a five day week, for actual days missed from work for a contributing contractor upon submission of a Sheriff’s receipt to the Welfare Office.



The bereavement wage loss benefit of $250 a day for up to 3 days is paid in the event of the death in their immediate family.  To qualify, members must be on Plan A, working for a contributing employer that has no bereavement benefit and miss work due to the death of a family member named in the benefit policy.  Immediate family will be recognized as the employee’s spouse (including common-law spouse), mother, father, step-mother, step-father, sister, brother, son, daughter (including adopted or step son or step daughter), grandfather, or grandmother.



The plan will pay up to a $10,000.00 bereavement benefit to the beneficiary or relative of the deceased member who pays the funeral expenses.  This is a non-taxable benefit.



Current life insurance coverage is $100,000 for members under age 65 and $35,000 for active members 65 years old and over. With the $10,000 Member Death Benefit (formerly Bereavement Benefit) outlined above, active members under age 65 have an effective total of $110,000 Life Insurance protection and active members age 65 and over have a total of $45,000.

Spousal Life Insurance is $5,000, which is payable to the member upon the death of their covered spouse.  The covered spouse will be the spouse who is covered for other Welfare Plan benefits by the member.  For those members with dependent children this benefit is increased to $10,000. 

As a BC Life and Casualty group member you are eligible to convert your group life insurance benefit ($100,000) to an individual policy provided you are not retired and under age 65.  You must apply for this conversion privilege within 31 days of the date your group insurance terminates and you are not required to provide evidence of good health or take a medical exam.  All members are eligible for this benefit. Monthly premiums paid to Life Insurance Companies on your behalf are a taxable benefit.



For calendar year 2021, you will be required to pay the first $100 deductible (per family, per calendar year) and 20% of all eligible expenses after that.  Once an individual has had $1,000 in claims reimbursed in a calendar year, all further eligible expenses are covered 100%.

This benefit incorporates the BC Fair Pharmacare program and it is not necessary to mail in forms for reimbursement from either Pacific Blue Cross (PBC) or Pharmacare for prescription drugs.  You are required to produce the PBC “Blue-NET” membership card for this convenient direct pay prescription service.

“Eligible expenses”, which are over and above basic MSP coverage, include:

Prescription Drugs

Emergency out of Province Medical Expense

  • Specialist Services
  • Special Nursing
  • Private or Semi-Private Hospital Rooms
  • Ambulance
  • Wheelchairs, Crutches, Splints, etc.
  • Health Practitioners
  • Members travelling outside of the Province should be aware that our Extended Health Coverage is
  • unlimited (except Plan “C”). Therefore, if you plan on travelling in the USA or other countries, it
  • may not be necessary to purchase additional medical insurance.

Members should also be aware that they can convert to an individual PBC extended health plan within 60 days of termination of their group plan.  PBC will waive the pre-existing condition under this conversion option.  Please refer to the “Termination of coverage” section of the PBC extended health brochure.

Every member should have a “Medi-Assist” card which lists telephone numbers for assistance in emergencies when travelling in other countries.

Medi-Assist cards and PBC Claim forms are available at the Welfare Plan Office and our PBC group numbers are 183149 for active members and 149402 for our retired members.



Health professionals are covered under our Pacific Blue Cross coverage and will be paid at 80%.  Please consult the PBC brochure for a further description of these services.  These claims will be included in the $100 deductible under PBC coverage.

The following Health Practitioners are covered per person per calendar year:

Acupuncture $500

Podiatrist $500

Speech Language Pathologist $500

Massage Therapy/Physiotherapy combined dollar maximum of $750

Chiropractor/Naturopath combined dollar maximum of $750

Psychologist/Clinical Counsellor combined dollar maximum of $2,500



Our member assistance program provides a wide assortment of comprehensive counselling and crisis management services as well as prevention-oriented health promotion and online programs.

Counselling for individual and personal problems, family and marital issues, stress, anxiety and workplace issues and counselling for other areas of concerns as identified by the client either in person, by telephone or through e-counselling.

Caregiver Services

  • New Parents
  • Childcare and Parenting
  • Elder and Family Care giving (includes Phone Support)
  • Life Planning Services
  • Financial Advisory Service
  • Legal Advisory Service (Lawline)
  • Career Counselling
  • Pre-Retirement Planning
  • Shift Worker Support
  • E-Courses
  • Health Management Services
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Nutritional counselling
  • Health and Wellness Companion Crisis Management Services
  • Crisis Management Services

Call any time 24/7 your MFAP services are completely confidential 1-800-663-1142 or or use the Homewood Health app.



CIRP services include individual counselling, family services, telehealth service, day programs, residential treatment, and opioid free pain services. Recovery is very often a family affair and confidentiality is guaranteed!

The services of the Rehabilitation Plan are available at no charge to members that have contributions through their collective agreements. 

Our mission

We provide the highest quality of mental health and substance use care to members of the British Columbia unionized construction industry and their family members. 

Our values

We pride ourselves with being a very forward thinking treatment program and we work holistically with our clients to ensure that they receive the treatment and care that works for them. We actively seek out innovation to assist in service delivery. 

Our philosophy

Destigmatizing mental health and substance use. Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. For people who struggle with substance use and mental health issues, stigma remains one of the biggest barriers to receiving addiction treatment. We at CIRP are committed to providing an environment that is free of stigma.

Our approach

At CIRP we recognise that only you have walked your path, experienced the pain and
struggle that you have. We understand that whilst we have expertise in our field, we are not the experts of you. Only you are. We work in a collaborative way with all our clients, placing them at the center of everything we do.

Our Vision

We support the unionized construction industry by providing information and treatment on mental health and substance use.


Email                        Phone 1-888-521-8611 or 604-521-8611

Suite #402
223 Nelson’s Crescent
New Westminster BC V3L 0E4



In addition to the benefits outlined in this Welfare Plan Report (with the exception of Income Continuance) there is a Cablevision benefit package which is self-paid by the CATV membership.

This additional package is provided by BC Life (PBC) and consists of:

Long Term Disability – up to $2,000 per month

Accidental Death & Dismemberment – $60,000

Group Term Life – $25,000


It is with regret that we report the deaths of the following members, including Retired

Members, who have passed away since our last report:


Ken Adachi                                   Adrian Bancroft                           Ian Bell

Roy Booth                                     William Burton                            Robert Butcher

Bent Christensen                        Dot Decock                                   Joseph Depedrina

Leo Desautels                              Franciscus Duffels                       Ermanno Fabbro

Barry Fisher                                  Luke Franssen                              James Fulton

Glen Gangnes                              Donald Helliar                              Hans Hellwig

Roy Hession                                  Rudi Hoft                                       Barrie Johnson

Walter Johnson                           Guy Klassen                                  Mike Klym

Calvin Klingbell                            Leslie Kovacs                                Charles Krajic

Peter Leemhuis                           Timothy Lessard                          Lorenz Lohninger

Grant Lunggren                           John MacGregor                          Ron Maximick

Robert McBain                            Henry Pritchard                           Max Pitterna

Philip Proteau                              Lloyd Robbins                               Menno Rempel

Edwin Sanger                               Henry Schnee                               Manfred Schulz

Ralph Schulz                                 Sylvester Sheldon                       Rae Sinclare

Kenneth Timbers                        Raymond Tracy                           James Vernon

Ante Vicic                                      James Vernon                              Ernest Weingand

John Wiebe                                   Byron Zant


Submitted by your Trustees and Administrator with many thanks to our Office Staff:


Chairman:                       Scott Ashton

Secretary:                       Darcy Biln

Vice-Chairman:             Jim Lofty

Trustee:                           Sandra Brynjolfson

Trustee:                           Adam Van Steinburg

Administrator:               John Pesa