Health & Welfare


Effective January 1, 2022.

This benefit will pay for a loss of life or any other loss as described below if it is due to an accident the loss/loss of use occurs within 365 days as a result of the accident.

The benefit amount for loss of life, due to accident, is shown in the first table and additional Covered Losses, as a percentage of the “loss of life” amount are shown in the second table.  For additional information, including Exclusions, please refer to the Pacific Blue Cross booklet on the Welfare Plan website.

Benefit Plan A Plan B Plan C
AD&D Insurance

< age 65

65 and up









Covered Losses %age of Benefit Amount
Life                                                     Entire Sight of Both Eyes

Both Hands or Both Feet             One Hand and One Foot

Entire Sight of Both Eyes             One Hand and Entire Sight of One Eye

Speech and Hearing                      One Foot and Entire Sight of One Eye



One Arm or One Leg                      75%
One Hand or One Foot                 Entire Sight of One Eye 66 2/3%
Speech or Hearing 50%
Thumb and Index Finger of the Same Hand

Four Fingers of the Same Hand

33 1/3%


Hearing in One Ear                          All Toes of the Same Foot 25%
Quadriplegia                    Paraplegia                       Hemiplegia 200%

Other Covered Benefits

Maximum Benefit Payable
Occupational Training for the spouse $10,000
Post secondary education for dependent children $5,000
Repatriation $10,000
Rehabilitation $10,000
Family Travel $3,000

Important Notes:  The beneficiary for the AD&D loss of life benefit is the same as designated for your Basic Life Insurance.  The monthly premium cost of AD&D insurance paid to the insurance company on your behalf is a taxable benefit.  However, the benefit paid to your beneficiary (or you for other Covered Losses) is non-taxable.

Accidents caused by participation in a legal offence, civil commotion, crew/passenger in self-flown aircraft, self-inflicted injury, blood/alcohol level over .08% or if under the influence of narcotics are excluded.