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Local 213 Electrical Workers’ Welfare Plan processes your Optical Claims (not Pacific Blue Cross). Identity cards are not issued.

Coverage Comparison

The annual optical allowances are summarized in the table below.  Balances do not accumulate from year to year.  Claims are applied towards each year’s balance based upon the date of service and supporting proof of payment:


Plan A

Plan B

Plan C


Prior to Jan 1, 2024;  $500 (per family per year)

Effective Jan 1, 2024:  $600 (per family per year)

Not Applicable (Not Covered)

$1,500/family combined per calendar year (with dental)

Effective Jan 1, 2024:  hearing aids to be reimbursed by Pacific Blue Cross at $1,000 per 3 years


Optical Claim Requirements

  • Expenses for corrective laser eye surgery, cataract lenses and eye examinations that are not covered by the BC Medical Plan are allowed.
  • Eyeglasses/contact lenses require a prescription for reimbursement. Credit card, cash or debit purchases require a register receipt to validate payment.
  • Purchases of frames only are not eligible for reimbursement.  Frames must be purchased from the same supplier as the lenses.
  • Claim forms are required as of January 1, 2022 and must be completed in full by the member and returned via hardcopy, email or fax to the Welfare Plan office along with:
    • An itemized paid receipt. Handwritten receipts are not accepted.
    • An official optical (from a licensed optometrist) prescription. Prescriptions must not be more than 24 months old from the date of service.
    • Claim forms are available from the Welfare Plan office or can be downloaded from the Forms and Library section on the website.

Claim Submission Methods

Submitting Optical Benefit Claims

The benefits office will now accept claims by mail, e-mail, or fax for optical. Please keep your original receipts in case we ask to see them.

The following documents and information are required for reimbursement:

  1. Optical Claim Form (effective January 1, 2022)
  2. Itemized original paid receipt
  3. Method of Payment – cashier till slip, Interac receipt, credit card receipt, or redacted banking statement
  4. Prescription (must be within two (2) years from the date of purchase)
  5. Member’s Name
  6. Member’s Address (Full Street Address, City, Province, and Postal Code)

Fax: (604) 571-6544
Mailing Address:

Local 213 Electrical Workers’ Welfare Plan
1424 Broadway Street

Port Coquitlam, B.C.
V3C 5W2

Important Note:  The only online suppliers accepted are Clearly Contacts, Zenni Optical, Firmoo Optical Store, Pair Eyewear and Eye Buy Direct Canada. 

Delisted Optical Providers

The following optical suppliers are delisted and therefore no longer approved for reimbursement under the Plan. The Trustees reserve the right to remove suppliers as deemed necessary.

  • Your Eyes Only Optical
  • Skylight Optical
  • Eyesberg
  • Yaohan Optical
  • Galaxy Eyewear
  • Vision Express
  • House of Vision Optical

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is an Optical Claim Form?

A: Effective January 1, 2022, members must provide a completed Optical Claim Form along with their purchase receipt and prescription. To obtain an Optical Claim Form, please contact the Welfare Plan office or download/print the form from the website (Forms Library).

Q: What is an Itemized Paid Receipt and how do I get one?

A: An Itemized Paid Receipt is issued by the optical supplier and must indicate the date of purchase, the name of the person whom the optical claim is for, the correction of the lenses or contacts, breakdown of the frame and lenses cost and the method of payment.

Q: Can I buy frames only?

A: Lenses can be purchased for existing frames if the lenses are corrective lenses. Frames only when purchased from a separate supplier than the lenses are not an eligible expense.