Health & Welfare



The Trustees will consider orthodontic dental bills for dependent children up to their 18th birthday on the following basis:

  • One or more estimates must be submitted to the welfare office before commencement of treatment.
  • The name and birth-date of the dependent must be on the estimate.
  • The plan will pay 75% of the treatment cost up to a limit of $7,000 for a total payable amount of $5,250, reimbursed in monthly installments.
  • Once the estimate is approved, a Children’s Orthodontic Reimbursement Slip must accompany each claim.  These are available for download in the Forms Library as well.

This benefit is separate and apart from our Dental Plan.

  • Payment for this benefit will cease immediately if the member is no longer covered by Plan A.
  • The member must advise this plan if any other plan (i.e. spouse’s plan) will pay part of the expense and provide details (Coordination of Benefits information).
  • The last day of payment for Dependent Children’s Orthodontic Assistance will be March 31st of the following year.

** Please note that payment can only be reimbursed to the member and not the dental office. **