A member’s normal retirement date will be the first day of the month following the month in which the member reaches age 65. If a member applies for their pension after their 65th birthday they will be eligible to apply for this pension retroactively up to one year but no earlier than the month after their 65th birthday.


A member may elect to retire as early as age 55 on a reduced pension. The reduction will be 6% per year (i.e. ½% per month) between the early retirement date and age 65.


Members may elect not to retire at their normal retirement dates in which case they will continue to earn pension credits with respect to contributions made on their behalf by a participating employer. Such members may elect to start receiving the pension on the first day of any month after their normal retirement dates but, under Government regulation, must commence to receive their pensions no later than the first day of December in the year they reach age 71.


Members that retire and collect a pension from the Local 213 Pension Plan then return to work for a contributing employer should be aware that they will have the choice of

  1. Not to accumulate any pension credits after their pension is in pay and continue to collect their pension, OR
  2. Returning members are able to suspend pension payments and accumulate additional pension credits.
    • Members that opt to suspend their pension must give at least one month’s notice in writing to the plan that they want to suspend their pension payment.
    • When members that have suspended their pension want to resume pension payments, they must notify the plan in writing at least one month prior to resuming their payments.