Health & Welfare

Supplemental Health Account

The Plan will pay up to $750 per family per year in additional expenses that exceed the annual maximums for Optical, Hearing Aids and Dental. This will allow for an extra seven hundred fifty dollars ($750) that can be applied toward these benefits. This benefit can be applied to any or all of the eligible benefits so long as the $750 limit is not exceeded. In order to qualify for this benefit, members must have at least 4 months coverage in the calendar year.

To streamline administration of the Supplemental Health Account the following changes will be effective January 1, 2020.

  1. The Supplemental Health Account benefit will now be applied automatically to any dental, optical and/or hearing aid overage up to the $750 supplemental limit. See the Dental/Optical/Hearing Aid heading for more information on this.
  2. The Supplemental Health Account will no longer apply to Health Practitioners. Health Practitioners are covered thru Pacific Blue Cross (PBC), while the Supplemental Health Account is self-administered thru our welfare office, going forward the Supplemental Health Account will only apply to Dental, Optical and Hearing Aids.
  3. To offset this change the annual limits of the most used Health Practitioner categories have increased as follows:
    • Massage Therapist and/or Physiotherapist (increase from $500 to $750)
    • Chiropractor and/or Naturopath (increase from $500 to $750)
    • Clinical Psychologist/Clinical Counsellor (increase from $1000 to $2000 per person)

Members must have 4 months of coverage in the calendar year to be eligible to use the Supplemental Benefit.

**The last day of payment for any benefit claims will be March 31st of the following year.