Health & Welfare



The Supplemental Health Account provides plan members on plan “A” with additional flexibility. Expenses that exceed the annual maximums for Dental, Optical, and/or Hearing Aids can be submitted towards this Account.  The claim requirements are the same with regard to required information as described in the Dental/Hearing Aids/Optical sections.

Effective January 1, 2022, your Supplemental Health Account can be utilized to pay for Pacific Blue Cross practitioners, but only if you or your covered family member reached the annual maximum with the provider.  You must provide proof of reaching the maximum with Pacific Blue Cross.

Benefit Plan A Plan B Plan C
Supplemental Health Account $750 per family per year N/A N/A

Note that even with the January 1, 2022 change, this benefit is applied automatically to any dental, optical and/or hearing aid overages up to the $750 supplemental limit.  If a member is managing their benefits and does not want the supplemental benefit to be applied automatically, you must indicate this by written request when submitting claims that may lead to overages.

Members must have at least four (4) months of coverage in the calendar year for them to be eligible to claim against this Account.


  1. Effective January 1, 2022, the Supplemental Health Account can  be applied to Health Practitioners.
    • Health Practitioners are covered thru Pacific Blue Cross (PBC), while the Supplemental Health Account is self-administered through our welfare office
    • Going forward the Supplemental Health Account will be automatically applied to Dental, Optical and Hearing Aids, unless direction is provided to our office that you wish to retain the balance for Health Practitioner claims.
  2. The annual limits with Pacific Blue Cross are summarized in the booklet in the Forms and Resources Library section of this site.

The last day of payment for any benefit claims will be March 31st of the following year.