Health & Welfare


Health professionals are covered under our Pacific Blue Cross coverage and will be paid at 80%.  Please consult the PBC brochure for a further description of these services.  These claims will be included in the $100 deductible under PBC coverage.

The following Health Practitioners are covered per person per calendar year:

Acupuncture $500

Podiatrist $500

Speech Language Pathologist $500

Effective January 1, 2020 the following health practitioner limits have been increased per person per calendar year:

 Massage Therapy/Physiotherapy combined dollar maximum of $750

Chiropractor/Naturopath combined dollar maximum of $750

Psychologist/Clinical Counsellor combined dollar maximum of $2,000

Claim forms can be obtained from the welfare office or from the PBC link found on  this site on the Extended Health (PBC) page.