Health & Welfare



The IBEW Welfare Plan supports you and your family’s mental health through access to a comprehensive Member and Family Assistance Program.  Services are provided by Homewood Health and include:

  • Short-term counselling and Plan Smart Series counseling and consultations
  • Counselling for:
    • individual and personal problems
    • family and marital issues
    • stress and anxiety
    • workplace issues
    • counseling for other areas of concerns as identified by the client either in person, telephonic or through e-counselling.
    • online iCBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) counselling.  Learn more about Homewood Health’s Sentio program.

Call any time 24/7 your MFAP services are completely confidential 1-800-663-1142 or

Get the support you need with Homewood Pathfinder, your new, advanced platform – accessible online and through the Homewood app – that connects you with a full range of Homewood employee assistance services. Pathfinder helps you navigate to the right service in an easy, friendly and convenient way.

Homewood Pathfinder gives you fast and free access to a range of services including:

  • Family and relationship support
  • Solutions for stress, burnout and other challenges
  • Access to mental health supports including MeetNow immediate counselling and online booking at your convenience
  • On-demand health and wellness resources

And much more…

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Your Customer Account Name is: Local 213 Electrical Workers’ Welfare Plan
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The following communication pieces provide additional information about this valuable benefit available to members and their families.  Note that the Member Assistance Program is referred to as an “EFAP” or Employee Family Assistance Program within these materials.

If you or your covered family members require short term counselling, services through the MFAP could be accessed first.  Counselling services are provided up to a maximum of 6 to 8 visits per issue under the MFAP.  If additional counselling is needed following this, then you could access your Pacific Blue Cross benefits (provided you are covered under Plan A or C).  


Some of the great features about the MFAP are the LifeSmart Coaching Services.  These are a suite of telephonic services that offer assessments, coaching, and resources.  They are designed to help you and your family members with managing everyday challenges.

How does it Work?
Contact our MFAP provider Homewood Health at 1-800-663-1142.  A Life Smart intake counselor will contact you within 72 hours to offer you an appointment with an appropriate specialist.

You can read more about these services in the Members and Family Assistance Program Overview.  Life Smart Coaching Services include three major components with service options for each area:

Caregiver Services

  1. New Parents
  2. Childcare and Parenting
  3. Elder and Family Care giving

Life Planning Services

  1. Financial Advisory Service
  2. Legal Advisory Service (Lawline)
  3. Career Counselling
  4. Pre-Retirement Planning
  5. Shift Worker Support
  6. E-courses

Health Management Services

  1. Smoking Cessation
  2. Nutritional counseling
  3. Health and Wellness Companion

Crisis Management Services

  1. Crisis Management Services