Health & Welfare



Extended Health coverage is provided through Pacific Blue Cross (PBC)

For each calendar year, you will be required to pay the first $100 deductible (per family, per calendar year) and 20% of all eligible expenses after that.  Once an individual has reached $1,000 in a calendar year, all further eligible expenses are covered 100%.

This benefit incorporates the BC Fair Pharmacare program and it is not necessary to mail in forms for reimbursement from either Pacific Blue Cross (PBC) or Pharmacare for prescription drugs.  You are required to produce the PBC “Blue-NET” membership card for this convenient direct pay prescription service.

“Eligible expenses”, which are over and above basic MSP coverage, include:

 Prescription Drugs

Emergency out of Province Medical Expense

Specialist Services

Special Nursing

Private or Semi-Private Hospital Rooms


Health Professionals

Wheelchairs, Crutches, Splints, etc.

Members travelling outside of the Province should be aware that our Extended Health Coverage is unlimited(except pre-existing conditions and Plan “C”).  Therefore, if you plan on travelling in the USA. or other countries, it may not be necessary to purchase additional medical insurance.


Members should also be aware that they can convert to an individual PBC extended health plan within 60 days of termination of their group plan.  PBC will waive the pre-existing condition under this conversion option.  Please refer to the “Termination of coverage” section of the PBC extended health brochure.

Every member should have a “Medex” card which lists telephone numbers for assistance in emergencieswhen travelling in other countries.


Medex cards and PBC Claim forms are available at the Welfare Plan Office and our PBC group numbers are 183149 for active members and 149402 for our retired members.

For PBC claims information and online forms use the number above along with the members PBC Number for ID number at: