Health & Welfare


Members who are working elsewhere can self pay for plan coverage as long as they maintain their membership in the Union. These members can self pay Plan “A” for the first 3 years after employment through our Union and thereafter may only pay Plans “B” or “D” until they return to work through the Union.

Members who retire early can purchase Plan “B” or “D” coverage, up to age 65 when the Provincial Pharmacare program and our Retired Members’ benefit package (Plan “C”) becomes available to them.

Members must be age 65 and retired  to qualify for Plan “C” coverage. To be eligible to pay Plan “C”, members must have been on our plan 48 months of the past 60 months prior to their 65th birthday.

Effective January 1, 2017 the new self pay rates are:-
Plan “A” coverage costs $440.00/month
Plan “B” coverage costs $240.00/month
Plan”C” coverage costs $165.00/month
Plan”D” coverage costs $100.00/month

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