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This benefit is effective January 1, 2024.  EI leaves with a start date prior to this are not eligible.

The Local 213 EWWP SUB Plan provides an additional top-up benefit to Welfare Plan (A) members who have been approved and are receiving EI sickness/accident, Maternity/Parental, Compassionate Care or Family Caregiver benefits.  The top-up benefit will be up to $250 per week, in addition to any EI benefits the member receives from Service Canada. Withholding taxes of 10% will be applied to this amount.  The maximum SUB Plan top-up benefit is $3,000 (pre-tax) per calendar year, or twelve (12) weeks of consecutive top-up payments. The total amount of your EI benefits plus the SUB Plan payments cannot exceed 95% of your normal weekly earnings, so the top-up benefit may be reduced accordingly.

This is a registered SUB Plan with the federal government which ensures the top-up benefit of does not reduce your EI benefits (no claw back) and is not subject to EI contributions or CPP contributions.

To receive benefits under the Local 213 EWWP SUB Plan, you need to file your claim with the EWWP WITHIN SIXTY (60) DAYS OF RECEIVING EI. 



A member will be eligible if:

​Your employer(s) remits to the Local 213 Electrical Workers’ Welfare Plan; and;

  • You have at least 1,000 (worked) hours remitted on your behalf within the past 12 months; and
  • You are in good standing – union Dues must be paid up to the current month/year; and
  • Your last date worked prior to the leave was on or after January 1, 2024 (leaves which begin prior to this date are not eligible)
  • You are in receipt of EI benefits as a result of:
    • Sickness/accident; or
    • Maternity, parental leave
    • Compassionate care
    • Family caregiver benefits (children)
    • Family caregiver benefits (adult)

​A member can be eligible to receive SUB top-up benefits under two different categories in a calendar year noted above, provided the 1,000 hours requirement is met in between the first and second SUB payment period (i.e. 1,000 hours worked by you in between the end of the first and beginning of the second EI claim start).  The exception to this rule is if the Member transitions from EI sickness benefits to Maternity benefits.  In this situation, the Member can receive SUB Plan benefits for a continuous 12 week period only.


  • Expectant mother, who is a Member (and is eligible as per above) is advised by physician to stop work 6 weeks prior to the baby’s due date – Applies for EI sickness benefits
  • Baby is born on or slightly before due date, Member’s EI claim reason transitions to a Maternity leave claim.
    • In this situation, the SUB Plan benefits will top-up EI benefits received during the sickness claim period (6 weeks) and the Maternity leave to a maximum of 12 weeks in total.
    • Note that the Member would be eligible to receive Wage Indemnity benefits during the EI sickness waiting period from the Plan. This would be minus the Plan’s three day waiting period (so 4 days of Wage Indemnity benefits).

If a member does not qualify for EI sickness/accident benefits and is off work for that reason and applies directly to the EWWP Plan for Wage Indemnity benefits, the SUB Plan will not provide top-up benefits above the Wage Indemnity benefit.



​To receive benefits under the Local 213 SUB Plan, you need to file your claim with the EWWP WITHIN SIXTY (60) DAYS of receiving EI. You can do this by:

  • ​Completing the required SUB Plan Benefits Application Form (contact the EWWP office to request this Form)
  • Providing a copy of the most recent pay stuff prior to your last day of work (for the 95% earnings test)
  • Providing evidence that you have applied for and are receiving EI benefits from your Service Canada Account.
    • You must be receiving EI benefits for one of the reasons listed above
    • You may be requested to provide proof that you are continuing to receive EI benefits during your SUB benefit payment period



The Local 213 EWWP SUB Plan pays eligible members a maximum of $250 per week.  Withholding taxes of 10% are applied, so the net maximum amount paid to you is $225 per week. This amount may be reduced as the combined SUB plus EI benefits cannot exceed 95% of your normal weekly earnings.

You can receive benefits from our SUB Plan for a maximum of twelve (12) weeks or $3,000 (pre-tax) each calendar year.  If your EI benefits are approved for a duration that is shorter than this, then your SUB payments will end on that earlier date.  Members will be required to reimburse to the Plan any SUB payments received beyond their EI benefits payment period.

REMINDER: You must have worked a minimum of 1,000 hours in the last 12 months prior to your claim to be eligible.

SUB Plan benefits are taxable income. This means that you must declare any Local 213 EWWP SUB Plan benefits you receive as income. When filing your income tax return, be sure to attach the T4A slip you receive from the Local 213 EWWP.



Local 213 EWWP SUB Pla​n benefits are paid on the 1st and 3rd Friday of each month. Partial payments will be made for partial weeks (at a rate of $35.71 pre-tax per day).

SUB Plan benefits are not paid for the EI waiting period, if you are required to wait one.  However, if your EI is being received for accident/sickness benefits, for which there is normally a 7 day EI waiting period, you can submit a Wage Indemnity claim for the EI waiting period to the EWWP office.  The Wage Indemnity Plan’s waiting period is 3 days for sickness/0 days for accident.  Please see the Wage Indemnity coverage section of the Plan’s website ( for more information.

SUB Plan benefits are paid in addition to your EI benefits. Your SUB Plan benefits will not affect the amount of your EI benefits.  



For the Accident/Sickness SUB Plan top-up, the same exclusions that exist for the EWWP’s Wage Indemnity benefits, will apply.  These are:

No benefits will be paid for periods of disability arising from:

  • Occupational accidents or illness
  • Self inflicted injuries or diseases
  • Injuries or diseases resulting from war, or participation in a riot, or arising while serving as a member of any armed forces
  • Medical conditions existing prior to commencement of coverage
  • Disability must occur within a 90 day period immediately following the last day of work with a contributing employer
  • No benefits are payable for injuries or illness as a result of an automobile incident for which ICBC or other automobile insurance applies
  • No benefits will be paid for any period for which the person has, or will, receive vacation pay for an annual vacation or V.O. time (V.O. time may be collected for the three day waiting period)
  • No benefits are payable for E.I. overpayments, violations or other penalties imposed under the Employment Insurance Act